Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Penetration- "Lovers of Outrage" (1978) Live at Reading Festival

Before recording one of the lost gems of the post-punk era with Factory in-house producer Martin Hannett in 1980, Pauline Murray fronted a British punk band called Penetration, a more Patti Smith- influenced contemporary of early Siouxsie & The Banshees. Their first album, Moving Targets, deserves a far more prominent place in the annals of early punk than it has received. Her story is coming soon...


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    1. Buttbuttbutt, I will be posting Penetration's best album when I do the Pauline Murray post

  2. Hmmm 1978. The year Keith Moon died and The Sex Pistols broke up.

  3. I bought the single "Don't Dictate" first, then "Moving Targets" (on phosphorescent vinyl). I only liked half the album, namely the part that was like the video (and "Don't Dictate"), as I remember, the rest was more pop-ish. Not what I liked at the time. Liked X-Ray Specs more. Looking forward to your write-up.


  4. bv, yes, Penetration definitely had a poppish bent that could be a bit out of place for a punk band, but this was mainly in the studio. This trait ruined their last album, "Coming Up for Air." For me, "Moving Targets" catches them at their best.